Aquarius Mars Woman Astrology

Aquarius Mars Woman

Social, Open-minded and Outgoing - this is the kind of guy a woman with Mars in Aquarius desires. And rebels with a cause, attract her the most.

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This woman likes a person who has an opinion about everything and sticks with it. A man who knows what is right and fights for it, is her hero. She herself is very open-minded and gives space in a relationship, while expecting the same. A guy who is social and still stays a bit aloof captures her heart.
Guys who wish to make world a better place and are humanitarian at heart, attract this woman. High on self-esteem, this woman values her independence. Always looking for something interesting, this woman gets bored very easily. If a guy wants to make her his own, he should make sure to never let boredom creep in. Slow to commit, but once they are in it, it is forever.
These women desire an unpredictable guy with a genius and experimental mind. Hold on to the man who gives you all that!

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