Aquarius Venus Man Astrology

Aquarius Venus Man

A man with Venus in Aquarius Sign is attracted to Opinionated, Interesting and Friendly women. This guy looks for fun, freshness and space in a relationship.

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This guy loves a woman who is unconventional, unpredictable and loves to shock people, just for fun. Yes, the woman of her dream is totally fun but also of a humanitarian nature. She knows what is right and fights for it. Her temper is devastating but goes as soon as it comes. A woman who values her freedom and dislikes any kind of interference is of his type. He wants a rebel who fights for a cause.
He loves a girl who is curious and befriends almost anyone. His girl loves to make friends, to know about their lives, to study their personality and to read them like a book. Once she commits, it is forever. Usually, the girl of your choice would prefer a partner who is different from her and intrigues her. Because she loves to small puzzles and mysteries. This guy should ensure to keep boredom away from the relationship, or she may lose interest in him.
This guy is attracted to a woman who is Activist, Social Butterfly and Fun loving. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this.

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