Aries Mars Woman Astrology

aries mars woman

An Aries Mars Woman loves competition and adventure. She loves the feeling of chasing and desires a relationship which makes her feel wanted and appreciated.

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Impulsive and Impatient, your Aries Mars anger disappears as quickly as it comes. You are a natural leader and do as you wish, except when it comes to love because you desire a partner with an indomitable spirit and personality. Aries Mars make you desire a guy who makes you chase him, and brings in a new challenge daily. This guy takes initiative, is passionate and romantic.
With a competitive spirit and a goal-oriented mindset, the guy who prefers adventurous trips to staying home is the one who captures your heart. This is the guy who keeps bringing in new ideas, is highly enthusiastic to visiting new places and is in for every challenge.
Childlike and innocent, they capture your heart with their straightforward ways of loving. Hold on to the man who gives you all that!

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