Aries Venus Man Astrology

Aries Venus Man

A man with Venus in Aries Sign is attracted towards independent, aggressive and active girls. This guy looks for fun, competition and light-hearted teasing in relationships.

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This man loves the idea of romance. Once he falls in love, he gives his best. But once it is over, he never looks back. This man loves beautiful and competitive women with indomitable spirit and active body. If a woman is goal-oriented and individualistic and adventurous, she stands a chance of winning this guy’s heart.
His love interest is innocent, easily trusting, impulsive in love and loves to travel. They need a girlfriend or life partner who will motivate them and show dominance. They want their woman to be daring and afraid of nothing. Boredom in a relationship is like death to them.
This guy is attracted to women with athletic body, who speak out their heart. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this

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