Cancer Venus Man Astrology

Cancer Venus Man

A man with Venus in Cancer Sign is attracted to caring, feminine and emotional girls. This guy looks for security, understanding and motherly love in relationships.

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Emotionally perceptive, these men are very good at understanding what the other person is feeling or thinking. And a girl, who shares this quality, is certain to capture his heart. A simple, caring woman with a variety of emotions intrigues this man. He needs someone who is a good listener like him and support the beloved even during the trying times.
A homely girl, who motivates him to do his best and ensures warmth of the relationship forever, is for him. Once he gets the security of relationship, he is the happiest man and can focus on other aspects of life. This man has a sacrificing nature and looks for a woman who can give him unconditional love.
This guy is attracted to women who can provide for security and care in a relationship. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this

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