Capricorn Mars Woman Astrology

Capricorn Mars Woman

Women with Mars in Capricorn are attracted to the responsible, business-like and well established men. They crave for high status and class, besides financial security.

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These women take any action after giving great thought and in a very orderly manner. They are attracted towards men who are stable and financially secure. Guys of their choice get into a relationship slowly, but surely and once they are in it, never let go. Everything they want should be classy. Showing off is a big turn off for them.
Serious, mature guys who know what they want and work hard for it, captures their heart. Loyalty is another important factor. Not known for experimenting, their guys have a conventional approach towards everything in life and so, it helps if the women teach them to have fun. With such a goal oriented approach, there is no doubt that they are so successful.
These women look for a mature and practical man, who is secure enough to keep her warm every night. Hold on to the man who gives you all that!

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