Capricorn Venus Man Astrology

Capricorn Venus Man

A man with Venus in Capricorn Sign is attracted to mature, responsible and hard working women. This guy looks for security, stability and long term relationship.

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This is one of those guys who prefer nature to looks. He finds beautiful women attractive but knows well that beauty is not the foundation of a good relationship. He does not commit easily. He knows exactly the kind of woman he wants. She should be hard working, business like and responsible. A woman, who can provide her emotional, physical and material security, has his heart forever. And once he commits, he never leaves. He will go through thick and thin to make the relationship workout and expect the same from his beloved.
This guy does not take rejections well and tries his best not to get embarrassed in front of anyone. A conservative and goal-oriented woman impresses this guy. He is impressed by a woman who keeps working for her goal and is not very emotionally reactive. A practical woman, who knows that actions speak more than words, is for him since he is not overly romantic showoff. He wants someone who can keep up with his reputation and status..
This guy is attracted to a woman who is Organized, Practical and Ambitious. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this.

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