Child Birth and Indian Vedic Astrology - When to conceive a child according to Astrology

child birth vedic astrology

Planning a child is a long and complex procedure for most. The period till childbirth is full of anxiety and worries for the parents and relatives, until a healthy child is born.

Astrology helps in planning a healthy and fortunate child, even before pregnancy. Indian Vedic scriptures and astrology mention several pointers to take care of when planning a child.

The journey of a baby starts not when he/she is born but when the mother conceives. Here, we provide some proven pointers to help you decide the best time to conceive.

There are many factors that affect the birth of a child such as the Teethi (Indian date), Hora, Lagan, Nakshatra etc. Do not worry if you do not know about these terms, you can easily find current status of these in a good panchang online – like Drikpanchang etc. Elders or pundits in your family can also explain you these terms, if not the online articles.


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When to plan intercourse to conceive a healthy baby?

Indian vedic astrology texts prohibit the intercourse on the first four days of the woman’s monthly menstruation periods (since the chances of sexually transmitted diseases is high during this time).

The days are now counted from the first night (or day) of the periods. On having intercourse on the below mentioned days, if it is successful and the woman gets pregnant, then the corresponding result is said to happen:

  • On the Fourth night of the Periods – An ordinary baby of short life span
  • On the Fifth night – A normal child
  • On the Sixth night – A child who will prosper and extend the family
  • On the Seventh night – A child who will find it difficult to extend the family
  • On the Eighth night – A normal child
  • On the Ninth night – A beautiful and prosperous child
  • On the Tenth night – A prosperous child who will yield authority and be well known in society
  • On the Eleventh night – A normal child
  • On the Twelfth night – Well respected, rich and humble child
  • On the Thirteenth night – A normal Baby
  • On the Fourteenth night – A virtuous and religious child who will follow righteous path
  • On the Fifteenth night – A rich and wealthy child
  • On the Sixteenth night – An intelligent and genius child


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Auspicious Teethi (Indian Dates), Nakshatras and Lagnas to plan child birth

  1. The intercourse planned during the following Nakshatras are considered to be auspicious: Rohini, Mrigashīrsha, Pūrva Phalgunī, Purva Ashadha, Purva Bhadrapada, Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Sravana, Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, Uttara Ashadha, Uttara Phalgunī, Uttara Bhādrapadā
  2. The intercourse planned during the following Teethis (Indian Dates) are considered to be auspicious: Dvitiya (2nd), Tritiya (3rd), Panchami (5th), Saptami (7th), Dashmi (10th), Dwadashi (12th) and Trayodashi (13th)
  3. The intercourse planned during the following Days/Nights are considered to be auspicious: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


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Inauspicious Teethi (Indian Dates), Nakshatras and Lagnas to plan child birth

  1. The cusp or period when previous Teethi or Nakshatra or Lagan is ending and the next one is beginning.
  2. The intercourse planned during the following Nakshatras are considered to be inauspicious: Jyeshtha, Magha, Moola, Vishakha, Ashlesha, Revati and Ashwani.
  3. The intercourse planned during the following Teethis are considered to be inauspicious: Chaturthi (4th), Ashtami (8th), Navami (9th), Chaturdashi (14th), Purnima and Amavasya.
  4. Intercourse on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday should also be avoided.
  5. Yogas and Time like Bhadra Kaal, Sarhaad divas should be avoided.
  6. Also, avoid sex during afternoon and evening, when it is time to offer prayers to the god.


Though there are many more pointers mentioned in Indian Vedic astrology texts, the ones listed aboce are the easier ones to follow.


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