Education and the Girls living Below Poverty Line

let us smyle vedkund education

As a part of 'DSM-Kartavya' initiative, we went to a Municipal Corporation Primary School in Shastri Nagar, Delhi.


Here, we conducted a small activity for classes Third, Fourth and Fifth, wherein, they were asked to write down the answers for two really simple but very important questions.


After the analysis of the answers and our observations, we observed several major challenges. Admittedly, almost all of these are a part of the problems that I had always felt are present among the children of this category. (Girls, under BPL, age: 9-13 years).


  1. Wish to be accepted by their parents (esp mothers), to be the reason of their smile and pride.
  2. Wish their parents (esp mothers) and teachers were more supportive.
  3. Children who felt loved and supported at home and school, were the ones who were doing really well in studies and had high level of self-confidence. Those who were deprived of love, were facing problem in studies (even in talking, writing and expressing themselves).
  4. Stage-fright.
  5. Wish to be appreciated and accepted in front of a crowd.
  6. Afraid to love anyone. Find difficulty in making friends.
  7. Wish to be treated equally at home esp in comparison to the 'Boys' of the family.
  8. Afraid to talk to elders in case they get angry on them.
  9. Little girls were way too conscious about their physical attributes. (low self-esteem)
  10. Wish they could go for picnics.
  11. Wish to get a present once in life.
  12. Wish for a library, computer, toys in school.
  13. Each one of them loved Dancing, Sketching, Sports, Cooking, Gardening etc and wanted to participate in the competitions.


Next step is trying to find the solutions and what all we can do at our end so as to make them SMILE :)


Help us in finding the solutions! Share your thoughts, ideas and proposed solutions with us on our Facebook Page.

Would love to hear from you and work together!



Clicked by a girl of class Fourth, with Miss Photographer of the class. :) (Not a perfect pic, but love it!)

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