Fear, the FEAR!!!

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Everyone says, "Let go of your fears. Yu should not fear the Fear".

But, it is not that easy. Right?

So, what I would suggest is, fear the FEAR. Simple!


Well, I do. And it works. Helped me a lot and still does.


Simply, because it motivates me to improve myself, to acquire those qualities which I never had, and to develop my personality.


Here is a story, since the time Tina was a kid, she had several fears; of being left alone, of rejection; of failure; of losing everything etc etc.

But instead of forgetting about her fears, she feared the fear and worked on it.

She became more friendly, approachable and easy-going towards everyone; so that she won't be left alone. She groomed her personality, became more understanding, tolerant, caring and gave unconditional love to people so that no one would reject her. And even if they did reject her, she took it in her stride and moved on, without holding any grudges. She worked really hard and in detail so as not to face the failure. She became self-sufficient, and independent (financially, emotionally etc) to feel more secure.

And this is how fearing the FEAR helped her. :)


So, what is your fear story? Send us on our Facebook Page. We would like to hear you out!

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