Gemini Vedic Sun Sign Prediction

Gemni Sun Sign

Your Vedic Sun Sign is different from your Western Sun Sign. Vedic system of Astrology used by Indian astrologers differs considerably from Western system.
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In Vedic Astrology, our Sun Sign defines a person's core personality ie how a person thinks or act in general when not affected by the outside forces.

Gemini Sun Sign, the symbol of Twins that represent duality. Intelligent and Talkative, their thinking and actions are marked with restlessness.

Sun Signs define our core personality and motivation, reflected in our thinking and actions, when we shut out the outside world. People born under the Gemini Sun Sign love communication, even if they are the shy kind, which rarely ever happens! They are always looking for the mental stimulation and love variety. Intelligence attracts them like a moth to the light.

Flexible in their thoughts and actions, Gemini Sun Sign people find themselves playing the role of two different people in their lifetime, which could even be totally opposite. They are the information-house. Collecting tidbits of information and then sharing with everyone is what they love. Extremely social, they easily make friends. But they can be forgetful. And important dates, they just forget them unless forced to remember. Easily bored, they enjoy variety and new experiences.

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Easily impressionable, they gel comfortably with the situations and have changeable feelings. They might be feeling one way this moment and totally opposite, the next. And same way, their hobbies and activities of interest keep changing with time. Affectionate and Generous, Gemini born people are quick-witted. Generally artistic, they embrace lighter side of life. Fun to be around, they tend to be Jack of All Trades.

The qualities above are for Gemini Sun Sign which denote the core personality, how a person thinks or act in general.

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