Gemini Venus Man Astrology

Gemini Venus Man

A man with Venus in Gemini Sign is attracted towards bubbly, talkative and trendy girls. This guy looks for liveliness, mental connect and long-hours talks in relationships.

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This guy lightens up mood wherever he goes and looks for similar girl who is like little Miss Sunshine. A girl with twinkle in her eyes, dressed up in trendy no-frills dresses and giggling with her friends attract him. He needs a companion with whom he can talk for long hours and who is adaptable as per the situation. Witty and charming nature is a must for them!
A woman who communicates well and is mischievous in nature captures his heart for a long time. All this guy and his favorite woman needs is fun time. Boredom and laziness is not for them. And they know the latest gossips and know about everything, even if on just surface. A social butterfly, they are on top of the current events.
This guy is attracted to women with sharp mind, interesting hobbies and light-hearted attitude. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this

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