Important Tips to Select an Astrologer

Tips to Select an Astrologer

How do we select a Doctor?

First, we look at our problem and decide on the specialist to consult. If we have problem in our ears, we look for an ENT specialist; if with our skin, a dermatologist; and if with our Eyes, an eye-specialist. Then, we list down the specialists that meet our criteria like Experience, Clinic Location, Qualification, fees etc. And on the day of appointment, we take with us our medical history and also frame our questions to ask the specialist.  The doctor prescribes medication that you follow strictly to get well.

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Selecting an Astrologer is akin to Selecting a Doctor. We are listing down some important points that you should consider:

  • Just like in medical field, there are different specializations here too. These specializations include Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Gemology (Field of Gems or Ratnas), Tarot Card Reading, Spirituality and many other less commonly known. A consultant may specialize in one or more of these fields.

  • Next important thing to consider is the style of interpretation or system of consideration. For example, Astrology is not based on a single system. Two most important systems of Astrology are Western (used in popular culture) and Vedic (used by Indian Astrologers). Chinese Astrology is one more example.

  • Different consultants provide different kind of services. Some are experts in Marriage consultations, some in Education and Career; and some in Business and Wealth.

  • It also becomes important to understand our question and what kind of answer we are looking for. There are different kinds of questions and ways of analysis. Major ones are:

    1. Predictive Analysis (Future Predictions E.g. How will be life after 2 years)
    2. Diagnostic Analysis (To find the root cause of the problem. E.g. Why a person is not getting married)
    3. Natal Chart Analysis (E.g. General Characteristics, core features)
    4. Event Decision Analysis (Finding out auspicious time to do something. E.g. Shubh muhura of wedding)
  • Selecting a consultant is a bit complicated process, in every field. We need someone who is open-minded, understanding and gentle. We and the expert should be on the same wavelength to work out a solution. There are many institutes and organizations that provide courses and certifications about which we will be writing soon.

  • Once you have selected a consultant and set an appointment, there comes an important part. Think over your problem thoroughly and try to frame the question as precise, yet detailed as possible. This would help in getting the accurate answers and results.

So, keep these factors in mind and Good Luck!

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