Leo Mars Woman

Leo Mars Woman

A Leo Mars Woman needs to feel important in a relationship. She looks for a boy who is dignified, flamboyant, centre of attention and most importantly, loyal. A fun and playful partner is a plus.

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Passionate and strong-willed, a Leo Mars woman may find herself attracted to men who like to dress well and flaunt. A guy who has a strong sense of authority and a magnetic personality attracts these Leo Mars Women. These women follow their heart and are highly creative in whatever they do.
Leo mars Women are affectionate and demonstrative in romance. They secretly want their women to be a little possessive and jealous as well, since it makes them feel more loved and attractive. Generosity, Warmth and a good sense of humor are the plus traits of these women. They take pride in everything they do, though may seem to be impulsive at times.
Leo Mars Women do not like competition in love affairs and want undivided attention of their beloved, whom they shower with their own creative romance and love. Hold on to the man who gives you all that!

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