Leo Vedic Sun Sign Prediction

Leo Sun Sign

Your Vedic Sun Sign is different from your Western Sun Sign. Vedic system of Astrology used by Indian astrologers differs considerably from Western system.
Read here more about your correct Vedic Sun Sign!

In Vedic Astrology, our Sun Sign defines a person's core personality ie how a person thinks or act in general when not affected by the outside forces.

The kind Leo Sun Sign people are also known for their Will power and Energy. Leo Sun Sign born are dignified in their thoughts and actions.

Motivated by the love and affection of the people, they wish to make this world a better place and their loved ones, better people. And so, they get the tag of the dominant one. They wish to feel special and crave attention. Generally good at expressing their views and thoughts, Leos turn out to be good motivators. Headstrong and determined, they work hard to get what they want. Work Hard and Party harder, is what they believe in. All the good things in life, is what they want.

On the outside, they show the qualities of confidence and independence. But from inside, they are soft, sensitive and kind. When faced with difficulties, they can act strong, even if they are sad and hurting inside. Outspoken, there are moments when they unwittingly upset others. But they make it up with their sense of humor and loving nature. Their thoughts and actions are usually aimed at overcoming the challenges. They love challenges!

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Loyal and devoted, Leo Sun Sign people love all the pleasures and luxuries of life. Highly ambitious, they wish to excel in what they do and work hard to climb the success ladder. Their aim is to attain the leadership position in whatever they do and wherever they go. Good at organizing and delegation, Leos have amazing management skills.

The qualities above are for Leo Sun Sign which denote the core personality, how a person thinks or act in general.

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