Leo Venus Man Astrology

Leo Venus Man

A man with Venus in Leo Sign is attracted to glamorous, generous and Confident women. This guy looks for drama, attention and romance in relationships.

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This man is attracted to a woman who is dignified with a good amount of attitude. A woman who is a social butterfly and center of attention, wherever she goes is his choice. Creativity is a turn on and so is dramatic way of expressing the self and handling situations. This man loves a women whom he can showoff and feel proud of.
A woman who feels happy on receiving appreciation and praises, and is not afraid of anything or anyone captures his heart. But she needs to be generous and good at organizing her home, life and situations. This woman loves going out to expensive restaurants, luxurious trips and extravagant shopping. Confident on outside, his woman is very soft and sensitive inside with a very delicate ego.
This guy is attracted to women who are confident, glamorous and would do anything for the loved one. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this

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