Libra Venus Man Astrology

Libra Venus Man

A man with Venus in Libra Sign is attracted to Beautiful, Diplomatic and Graceful women. This guy looks for a pleasant, romantic and laid-back relationship.

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He is a lover of luxuries, beauty and extravagance, and prefers a woman who shares this love. A charming woman with a balanced attitude, diplomatic nature and a pleasing personality attracts him. He needs appreciation and compliments on regular basis to feel good. A woman who is of compromising nature and dislikes anything rude or harsh, is of his type.
A social butterfly, friendly host, amazing cook and a good home maker – these are the topmost qualities he wants. He is attracted to flirtatious and fun-loving attitude. Woman, who always weighs pros and cons before saying or doing anything, has his heart. No use getting into arguments, convincing always work between them.
This guy is attracted to women who romantic, fun-loving and pleasing. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this

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