The other side of being Independent!

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Yesterday, as the doors of metro started to close, heard a woman's shriek. Travelling for the first time in the metro, alone and without cell phone, she missed the station. As she continued crying, a few girls standing nearby sniggered, commenting on a few women being so stupid and dependent.


Another incident. A woman resigns from her job, because she needs to take care of her family and her boss (a woman) ridicules her, telling her to be self-sufficient like she herself is.


Just a few small incidents, but gives a lot to think over!


Great, that there are independent women with a good dose of self-worth. But I guess, we all could do with a little bit of compassion too. Instead of mocking these 'Oh so stupid and independent women!', could we just understand their situation and help them in that journey to this goal. Or at least try.


It is not easy for a person who has been intimidated since birth, to develop self-worth and confidence on own. Takes a lot! Being a girl, is still not easy for the most. Yes, I know many, who are reading, this will contradict me, because they were lucky enough to have a good life. But look around, talk to as many people as you can, and then you will see.

And why just women? Even boys and men go through this, especially in the early stages of life, about which we will talk in the next post.


It isn't true that you can help someone, only by spending money on them. Be considerate, show compassion and spread love.


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