Pisces Mars Woman Astrology

Pisces Mars Woman

Woman with Mars in Pisces desire a sweet, compassionate guy who can understand her dreams and help her realize them. She wants nothing less than the unconditional love.

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This girl is not looking for a guy who is always trying to be masculine and macho. She understands that every individual some vulnerabilities and insecurities. A guy who shares his dreams, fears and emotions easily with her, attracts her. She is impressed by the depth of feelings and emotions. A guy with romantic and artistic flair stands a good chance to hold her attention.
This woman needs a man who is sensitive enough to guess how is she feeling and make her feel better with his sweet and soothing words. Calm on surface, she is restless inside. They need emotional and spiritual connect with their partner. A man who is not very aggressive, but wishes to please his partner will do well with her.
These women desire a man who fights with the difficulties, only to be with her. Hold on to the man who gives you all that!

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