Pisces Venus Man Astrology

Pisces Venus Man

A man with Venus in Pisces Sign is attracted to Feminine, Dreamy and Compassionate women. This guy looks for unconditional love and understanding in a relationship.

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This guy often attracts romantic women who are artistically inclined – be it poetry, painting, dancing or anything that involves expression of feelings and emotions. The woman they love may seem to be dependent and vulnerable on surface, but are actually very deep and strong inside. Their strength lies in their emotions and devotion. Compassion and sensitivity of a woman captures his heart. He is often enchanted by the idea of being the ‘Shiny knight, saving a damsel in distress’.
He needs a woman with who he can connect emotionally and spiritually. He shares his views on religion and spirituality. He is drawn to ultra-feminine or old-fashioned females who appear innocent and demure. A confident and aggressive woman puts him off. He needs someone whom he can guide and help. A woman, who can give him unconditional love, has his heart forever.
This guy is attracted to a woman who is selfless, gentle and artistically inclined. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this.

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