Sagittarius Venus Man Astrology

Sagittarius Venus Man

A man with Venus in Sagittarius Sign is attracted to honest, fun loving and philosophical women. This guy looks for space, companionship and honesty in a relationship.

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This guy does not want to be tied down in a relationship. He wants a woman who is independent and gives him space too. He loves to flirt and have fun. An equally fun-loving girl who loves harmless teasing attracts him. He likes a girl who is friendly, straightforward and has a wide friend circle, with friends from different stratum of life. This guy dislikes boredom and narrow minded thinking. He desires the similar qualities in his woman.
He is looking for a girl with whom he can talk about anything and everything under the sun, a companion to travel the world with, a friend to share the philosophical thoughts and ideas. The girl of his dreams is always smiling and optimistic, with an undying spirit. She is curious, funny, tolerant and popular. She forgives and forgets easily.
This guy is attracted to a woman who is optimistic, carefree and friendly. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this

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