Scorpio Mars Woman Astrology

Scorpio mars woman

Women with Mars in Scorpio are attracted to the men who are Passionate and intense, with an aura of mystery and power around them. A challenging relationship attracts them.

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A deep connect is must for this woman. A man who is emotional, yet stays calm on surface is attractive to them. They want a guy who loves passionately with intense emotions, and never takes no for the answer. Such is their will-power! An ambitious guy, who aims for the power attracts them.
This woman is attracted to a guy who appears to have depth and is complicated, someone who does not reveal all to the onlookers. Act indifferently towards her or her emotions, and you are sure to lose her. Look at other girls even once; make sure to run for safety afterwards. This woman loves when her guy shows possessiveness and dominance.
She needs a guy who would understand and enjoy deep intimacy and intense feelings. Hold on to the man who gives you all that!

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