Scorpio Vedic Sun Sign Prediction

Scorpio Sun Sign

Your Vedic Sun Sign is different from your Western Sun Sign. Vedic system of Astrology used by Indian astrologers differs considerably from Western system.
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In Vedic Astrology, our Sun Sign defines a person's core personality ie how a person thinks or act in general when not affected by the outside forces.

The passionate Scorpio Sun Sign people are known for their dedication and never-give-up attitude.

Magnetic and Intense, Scorpio Sun Sign is the symbol of passion and transformation. Highly ambitious and determined, they never give up. Even if they fail, they rise again like a phoenix. Sun Signs define our core personality and motivation, reflected in our thinking and actions, when we shut out the outside world.

Known for their intensity and dedication, Scorpions are also hard to pin down. Self-reliant and independent, they find it hard to commit themselves to just anyone or anything, unless their high standards and expectations are met. To them, absolute power is of utmost important. They want everything to be in control and better still, in their control, even if it means from 'Behind the Scenes'. Scorpios know what they want and are focused enough to get it.

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With a killer combination of investigative mind and intuitive psyche, it is very hard to hide anything from the Scorpio Sun Sign people. They are extremely optimistic and know they can overcome any situation and might have experienced a great deal during their life time. Though they may appear aloof, they never forget any wrong done to them. Emotions run high and still they are very practical. They help people, even anonymously and are extremely resourceful. Self-indulgent at times, they may appear to be demanding and jealous but are also very faithful and sincere.

The qualities above are for Scorpio Sun Sign which denote the core personality, how a person thinks or act in general.

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