Scorpio Venus Man Astrology

Scorpio venus man

A man with Venus in Scorpio Sign is attracted to Sexy, Passionate and Mysterious women. This guy looks for a dedicated, passionate and intense relationship.

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This man needs a woman who is sensual and magnetic. He never knows what hit him when he is around such women. Ambitious women, who go after what they want, attract him. He loves so deeply and intensely, that it is difficult to find a partner of choice. Power, manipulation and mind games, do not scare this guy. Instead he finds such women intriguing.
Obsession is a part of love for this couple. His girl is totally devoted and would do anything for this relationship and to keep her man. Emotionally strong, nothing can break the girl of his choice. She always picks herself up, ready to fight again, against all odds. She never gives up! But once this girl is gone, she is gone forever. And do not ever lie to her, she always catches it.
This guy is attracted to women who are loyal, emotionally strong and captivating. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this

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