Setting our Destiny free...

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We often bind our destiny to something or someone unconsciously and unwittingly, by pining and yearning constantly.

They say, that if we want something/ someone, stay stubborn, keep working for that one dream and a day will come when we will get that, the whole universe will conspire for us and our yearning.

But is it really good and healthy?


Not many of us believe in the concept of spirituality, after-life and 'such stuff', but not many of us will deny the concept of energy surrounding us that makes up this Universe.

When we keep yearning for something and/or someone, we bind our destiny, our energy (as some might like to call it) with the concerned thing/person.

We might not get to fulfill this yearning immediately, but it keeps building up. And at times, it prevents the Universe to lead us to better things/ people.

There are times when we are so much blinded and awed by the current situation that we resist any change, to leave our comfort zone, to let go of that familiar feeling; even if this change might lead us to a better future.

Is it not a chance worth taking?


I am not a wise person, not even well versed in 'such stuff'. I have my own doubts. But as I spend years thinking about all this, experiencing life, I realized one thing. 'Detachment' is healthy at times. I would prefer not to get stuck in my Present so much; no matter how beautiful, comfortable and familiar it is; that I prevent a better Future to come along even after a bit of struggle.


Had I been stuck with my 'Present' few years back, I would have been stuck compromising with an 'unloving' Life partner (Thank God I didn't pray all the time, wishing things to get better with him); a not-so-satisfying Career (Praying to get a placement after completing B.Tech) and a dull life without any experience (Had I wished for a Pain-less life).


Going with the flow, staying detached but giving 100 percent to whatever/whoever was in the present, I found a better and increasingly fulfilling life, with each passing year. And still keeping my fingers crossed...


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