Taurus Mars Woman Astrology

taurus mars woman

A Taurus Mars Woman loves stability and security. She craves for a partner who is dependable and provides them strength.

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Taurus Mars Women find themselves attracted to the man who is masculine in the sense that they feel secure when with them. The sense of security could be physical, financial, emotional. Practicality is what they look for when it comes to the ‘man of the dreams’. They do not like the shallow, flaky or philosophical types who do not keep their promise.
Easy-going guys, with a bit of traditional mindset attract them. They like to take things slowly and expect the same from their man. Change and Rushing into things simply scare them out of their wits. Honesty, confidence in self and possessiveness is also a plus point. The Taurus woman need sensual connection above all.
Hold on to the man who gives you all that!

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