Taurus Venus Man Astrology

Taurus Venus Man

A man with Venus in Taurus Sign is attracted towards Beautiful, Calm and soft cuddly girls. This guy looks for affection, loyalty and commitment in relationships.

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This man falls in love slowly, but surely. He doesn’t want to rush and expects the same from his woman. His favorite girl is sensual and laid back. But when it comes to something that she really wants, she becomes stubborn. He is attracted to a woman who loves luxuries, shopping and sensual experiences like good spa, delicious food, aromatic scents etc.
Mind-games are not for him and he says what is in his heart. He wants a woman who is stable in nature and who values financial security. A woman who keeps her home beautiful with a soothing ambience has a sure shot way to his heart.
This guy is attracted to women with naturally beautiful body, affectionate heart and practical mindset. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this

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