Virgo Mars Woman Astrology

Aries Mars Woman

A simple, neat and clean man is what a Virgo Mars woman wants. Being sensible herself, she is looking for someone who is practical with lots of common sense. Mental connection is the must.

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These women try to do everything at once, though they do know how to prioritize their tasks and get all tasks done. A guy who is logical in approach and analytical in thinking, captures their heart! They want a sweet, caring guy who is not much mushy and overly romantic.
Win the heart of this pretty lady by being helpful and sensitive. Intelligence and a detail-oriented approach is always a plus point. Women with Mars in Virgo do not like show offs, and prefer man who is competent and hard-working, even if in background. For them, actions speak louder than words.
A guy who does little small things for you and avoids emotional drama, is the one you want. Hold on to the man who gives you all that!

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