Virgo Venus Man Astrology

Virgo Venus Man

A man with Venus in Virgo Sign is attracted to simple, clean and intelligent women. This guy looks for sensitivity, perfection and practicality in relationships.

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This guy is attracted to women who love to help! Just like him. It might sound as a simple advice or a constant nagging or criticism, but the only objective is to help the person and situation. They even complain about themselves, because all they need is perfection. The women, who are particular about details and hygiene, capture this guy’s heart.
No, this guy does not like drama. He needs a simple modest girl who can help him organize his life and prioritize everything. The girl whom he likes is very logical in thinking and analyzes everything before taking any decision, which may cause her to worry a lot. Even if his girl does not shoe much emotions on outside, she is full of sensitivity.
This guy is attracted to women who are helpful, health-oriented and sensitive inside. Lucky Guy! Never let her go. Hold on to the woman who gives you all this

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