You know your Sun Sign Wrong!

Vedic Sun Sign

Several years back, when I had just started exploring the world of Astrology, I used to try out any website that I could find, to know my predictions. But would end up confused most of the time!
Renowned Vedic Astrology websites used to tell my Sun Sign as Cancer. While born in August, I always considered myself a Leo.
I never really accepted it. I was proud of being a Leo, the Royalty.

But after reading Astrology in depth and consulting several renowned Astrologers, I learnt that there are two different methods of calculating Sun Signs: Western and Vedic.
Vedic system was developed in India and is the one that is followed by the Indian Astrologers.
The Western System is based in Tropical System which considers that particular point in space when sun crosses the Earth's Equator. On the Other hand, the Vedic System considers Sidereal system based on 27 constellations, or Star Groups.

And this difference in the calculation creates a huge difference.

So, it becomes very important to understand the system being considered, before reading the predictions.

One more big difference is in the scope. Western System focusses on the emotional and psychological nature of a person, but is not reliable for predictong future cycles and events.
Whereas, Vedic System can do both with more accuracy and depth, thus, widening its scope.

Find out your Correct Vedic Sun Sign here!

Here is a video where you can learn how to read your Kundali within 2 minutes. Watch Here.

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