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Address: Kanpur, India
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<p>आचार्य मनीष, उत्तर भारत के एक लोकप्रिय एवं प्रतिष्ठित आचार्य हैं । ज्योतिष से सम्बंधित सभी समस्याओं के समाधान के लिए आप आचार्य जी से संपर्क कर सकते हैं । आचार्य मनीष जी ज्योतिष शास्त्र , वास्तु शास्त्र , वेदों एवं उपनिषदों के ज्ञाता हैं | अनेक वर्षों से देश-विदेश के यजमानों को अपनी सेवाएं दे रहें हैं । आचार्य मनीष जी, समस्त मंत्र जाप अनुष्ठान, महा-मृत्युंजय जाप, दश-चंडी, शत-चंडी, माँ बगलामुखी मंत्र-प्रयोग एवं हवन आदि के लिए उपयुक्त आचार्य हैं ।<br /> <br /> वर्तमान में आचार्य मनीष जी द्वारा विभिन्न राशियों का राशिफल एवं ज्योतिष, वास्तु, धर्म-ज्ञान से जुडी रोचक जानकारियां, "के-न्यूज़" टीवी चैनल में ज्योतिष गुरु के रूप में प्रातः 07:45 पर प्रसारित हो रहीं है | जिसको कि आप प्रति-दिन youtube, knewsindia वेबसाइट पर भी देख सकते हैं |</p>
PhD [Jyotish], Acharya [Jyotish], Acharya [Vastu], PhD [Computer Sc], MTech, MPhil, MCA, MSc
<p>Awarded as Most Educated Astrologer in North India.<br /> He has done PhD&nbsp;[Jyotish], Acharya [Jyotish], Acharya [Vastu],<br /> Received Gold Medal in PhD&nbsp;for solving the Mystery behind Sudden Deaths and Accidents.</p> <p>TV Shows:&nbsp;Jyotish Guru, K News 24x7, Den Network # 334</p>
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Jyotish Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Omkareshwar
Career, Relationships, Education, Marriage, Health, Wealth and Property, Family, Business, Life in General, Medical Astrology
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For a Consultation of 15 Minutes on a Specific Question, you need to pay the consulation charges of Rs. 300/-
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Face to Face, Chat, Skype, Phone, Email, Whatsapp
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https://twitter.com/Aacharya_Manish https://www.facebook.com/AacharyaManish
Website: www.aacharyamanish.com

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Sakshi Khera's picture
Sakshi KheraHi, I am Sakshi. 12 Oct 1991, 6 am, lucknow. I am not able to concentrate during exams. What to do? Any solutions?
ankusharma's picture
ankusharmafor past 2 years, since i joined job in 2014 sept, I feel disappointed. I dont feel like doing anything. How to remove this feeling? I feel dissatisfied with life. When will my good time come? please tell about my career and marriage. DOB- 17Feb 1989, 15:30 (approx), dehradun. how to take face to face reading?
Aacharya Dr Manish's picture
Aacharya Dr Manish@Sakshi, in your birthchart, Rahu in 4th house in debilitated sign and shani in 5th house is delaying success in professional examinations. You are very perfectionist, so never getting perfect chair, perfect time, perfect books to concentrate. Wear an amethyst 10ct to make the things better. I am at Lucknow only, spare your time to personally meet n discuss further issues. Aacharya Dr. Manish www.aacharyamanish.com
Aacharya Dr Manish's picture
Aacharya Dr Manish@Anku As per your birthchart, the aatmakarak planet is Moon, which is placed in the house of losses, this moon predicts that your job should be having engineering/analyst/financial nature. your job house is quite strong. if you are working in different profession, you may not be liking your working environment. your good time will start from december 2016, wear a moti(pearl) approx 8 ct for better results. Aacharya Dr. Manish / www.aacharyamanish.com
sweta gupta's picture
sweta guptaHello! I am jobless for last 1 year. Trying hard but not getting job. Starting my own business. when will I be financially well off? when will i earn good money? will i be successful? 9 aug 1990, delhi, 16:24. I am wearing Pukhraj. I know I have capability to do well in professional life, and I have good qualifications too. Please help me! I have already done poojas like Guru Chandal, Pitridosh but nothing happened. Will I be successful and famous ever?