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<p>I am an established astrologer and spiritual guide in India showing the right and virtuous path to people connecting the role of karma and rebirth in the sufferings of life through astrology and religious guidance. Honored by many accolades, gain professional experience from different walks of life. Professor of Astrology, ex. Dir. of Reincarnation and Astrological Institute, Writer of Astrological books, Reiki Master, Vastu Expert, Numerologist, Expert in Yantra and Mantra healing, Gem Advisor, Believe in human touch with professional expertise.&nbsp;</p>
Science Graduate
<p>Honored by 3 Gold medals for excellence in my field.<br /> Honored by several upadhi's like bharat jewel, gita rasik, gita maraal, jyotishachaarya etc etc in the field of Astrology.</p> <p>TV or Radio Show:&nbsp;Sahara Samay Nakshatra</p>
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Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan
Career, Relationships, Education, Marriage, Health, Wealth and Property, Family, Business, Life in General, Past life, Karma, Upaaye
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Any query- Rs. 150 for 10 minutes Relationship Analysis- Rs. 900 Career Analysis- Rs. 500 Health Analysis= Rs. 750 Remedies [Upaaye]- Rs. 500
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Face to Face, Chat, Skype, Phone, Email
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Sakshi Khera's picture
Sakshi KheraHi, I am Sakshi. 12 Oct 1991, 6 am, lucknow. I am not able to concentrate during exams. What to do? Any solutions?
Alka Vijh's picture
Alka VijhDear Sakshi Hare Krishna! Reading the birth chart made on the provided birth details, your Moon sign is Scorpio in Anuradha Nakshatra. The fourth house governs studies and it is with debilitated Rahu, makes your mind wander as you feel bore very soon. Sometimes you think that you have done it completely but could not gone through the depth. If you understand the subject clearly then it is easier for you to understand. The positive thing is that Aspect of Jupiter makes you go through the studies. Currently you are going through the antardasha of Rahu that will go until 19th November 2016. Later on Jupiter will support you for learning and understanding the subject. To increase the intelligence and interest at studies recite Ganesha Dwaadashnaama Stotra for 8 times daily. Perform remedies of removal of Shani Sadhe Sati. You are going through the peak phase of Sadhe Sati that makes you feel- 'nobody understands me'-- for sadhe sati, observe shani fast for 8 shanivaar and recite dashratha shani stotra daily. Wear Moonstone of 11 carats in the ring finger of the right hand. Apart from that you need to balance your mind by making day to day planner and follow it strictly. Avoid laziness as much as possible. Set your aim and check it out before going to bed. God Bless You! astrologically yours! alka vijh, goldmedalist jyotishachaarya
ankusharma's picture
ankusharmafor past 2 years, since i joined job in 2014 sept, I feel disappointed. I dont feel like doing anything. How to remove this feeling? I feel dissatisfied with life. When will my good time come? please tell about my career and marriage. DOB- 17Feb 1989, 15:30 (approx), dehradun
Sakshi Khera's picture
Sakshi Kherathank u so much. do u sell gems?
sweta gupta's picture
sweta guptaHello! I am jobless for last 1 year. Trying hard but not getting job. Starting my own business. when will I be financially well off? when will i earn good money? will i be successful? 9 aug 1990, delhi, 16:24. I am wearing Pukhraj. I know I have capability to do well in professional life, and I have good qualifications too. Please help me! I have already done poojas like Guru Chandal, Pitridosh but nothing happened. Will I be successful and famous ever?
Alka Vijh's picture
Alka VijhDear Sakshi Khera, We have everything related to astrology, vastu Tarot and Fengshui. Gems, Amulets, Yantra, Printed Horoscopes, Books.....
Jaydeep84joshi_1104's picture
Jaydeep84joshi_1104Hello Mam my name is jaydeep joshi and my birth date is 06/06/1996 and my birth time is 13.53 and birth place mumbai my question is about higher studies next year and wealth after 10 years can I become a billionaire