Gautam Dave

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Address: Ahmedabad, India
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i am Astrologer with more then 20 years of experience and having sound Knowledge of Vedic Culture including Parasara /Jemini/Padma Chkara Padhati Astrology. Done lot of research on Astrology Particularly in human aspects affected by planets.
Many Research on Medical Astrology appreciated by renowned Astrologer and other Medical professionals. Modified mnay vedic classic methods from Jamini Astrology and other Nadi Grantha.
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Career, Relationships, Education, Marriage, Health, Wealth and Property, Family, Business, Life in General, Spititual and yoga practice remedy also available.
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Rs !100/- for general life time prediction, Rs 500/- for yearly prediction Rs 300/- marriage compibility and marriage detail
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Chat, Phone, Email

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sweta gupta's picture
sweta guptaHello! I am jobless for last 1 year. Trying hard but not getting job. Starting my own business. when will I be financially well off? when will i earn good money? will i be successful? 9 aug 1990, delhi, 16:24. I am wearing Pukhraj. I know I have capability to do well in professional life, and I have good qualifications too. Please help me! I have already done poojas like Guru Chandal, Pitridosh but nothing happened. Will I be successful and famous ever?