Pandit Ashish Kumar

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Address: Mumbai, India
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<p>Pandit Ashish Kumar Tiwari ia a consulting Astrologer, Numerologist, Vaastu Shastri. Panditji is well experienced in performing all kinds of poojas.&nbsp;Pandit Ashish Kumar Tiwari has been a professional astrologer since 1995 with a specialty in Astrological interpretation and future projections based on Janam Kundli and life numbers. Panditji maintains a nationwide private practice based in Mumbai, Maharashtra India, with Local and Non-local clients, and are scheduled for appointments by phone and are available at client request.&nbsp;&nbsp;Panditji manages a local, national and international pooja worship practice in addition to astrology based on janam kundli, and is a Professional Counselor in Vaastu Shastra.</p>
M.A. shanskrit shampurnanand university
<p>column- writer in&nbsp;news papers, magazines, and astro predictor t. v. show,&nbsp;p7 news</p>
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shri shgadgurudev
Career, Relationships, Education, Marriage, Health, Wealth and Property, Family, Business, Life in General
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7500 rs all life prediction
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Face to Face, Chat, Phone, Email, online

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