Prem Chand

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Address: Bhopal, India
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<p>I am a 63 years old and am practicing astrology counseling for last 40 years. All services are free of cost with the objective to serve the humanity.</p>
<p>The objective of my astrological practice is to help people by suggesting remedial measures to overcome their difficulties/problems. By the grace of God, have been able to solve more than 90% cases and the concerned people got benefitted.</p>
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Self Taught
Career, Relationships, Education, Marriage, Health, Wealth and Property, Family, Business, Life in General, Objective of present birth and its fulfillment
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Face to Face, Phone, Email
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Sakshi Khera's picture
Sakshi KheraHi, I am Sakshi. 12 Oct 1991, 6 am, lucknow. I am not able to concentrate during exams. What to do? Any solutions?
ankusharma's picture
ankusharmafor past 2 years, since i joined job in 2014 sept, I feel disappointed. I dont feel like doing anything. How to remove this feeling? I feel dissatisfied with life. When will my good time come? please tell about my career and marriage. DOB- 17Feb 1989, 15:30 (approx), dehradun. how to take face to face reading?