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Address: Hyderabad, Telangana (India)
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<p>C S Rao is qualified in Astrology with M.A. (Astrology) degree from P.S.Telugu University, Hyderabad (India). He is in Astro Counseling since 1982 and in Teaching astrology since 1998. C.S.Rao mainly emphasize on using the astro readings for counseling for prosperity in present day life. He is conversant with Vedic astrology; K.P.System; Ashtakavarga; Western system etc.&nbsp;<br /> He is an Astrologer with 3 decades of experience in astro counseling in matters of health, wealth, marriage and marital life, career development, financial investment, stock market investment, horse racing etc. He is an Astrologer with a decade of experience in teaching. Engaged in teaching for beginners and advanced students of astrology. He is famous for coaching for M.A., (Astrology) courses conducted by P.S.Telugu University, Hyderabad and Osmania University Hyderabad</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
M.A.,(Astrology); M.B.A., LL.B.,
<p>General appreciation and increasing number of students from 1998 and increasing clients from 1982.<br /> Honorary titles. 1. Daivagna Siromani;&nbsp;2. K.P. Sidhanta Siromani;&nbsp;3. Jyotisha Visarada;&nbsp;4. Jyotisha Bhaskara;&nbsp;5. Jyotisha Acharya;&nbsp;6. Jyotisha Vidya Bhushana;&nbsp;7. Jyotisha Pandit;&nbsp;8. Jyotishya parasara,&nbsp;9. Jyotisha Vidya Nipuna;&nbsp;10. Jyotisha Sasthra Sarvana,&nbsp;11. Jyotisha Nishnaatha, 12. Jyotisya Mahamahopadyaya,&nbsp;13. Mahamahopadyaya</p> <p>Number of Articles - All articles on free download basis in my website - article section.</p>
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M.A., from P.S.telugu University, Hyderabad.(India)
Career, Relationships, Marriage, Health, Wealth and Property, Family, Business, Life in General, Corporate Astrology
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Indian Rs.1000/- for those in India and Us $ 25/- for those outside India.for any requirements from one Kundali. Need to ask all requirements at once and allow minimum 5/6 days from the date of depositing my fees. Those in India can deposit in any nearest branch of State Bank of India and those outside India can pay through my paypal account.
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Face to Face, Email (preferred)
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