Sandeep Yati

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Address: Narela, India
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Born in a Brahmin family near Varanasi had keen interest in the predictive science of astrology since childhood. He has been practicing and teaching astrology, palmistry including Ramal Jyotish for decades. He also has an expertise in predictive astrology suggesting simple and cheap remedies for any problem. He is the son of a class-I gazetted military officer, he moved to various parts of India and gathered different art of expert prediction throughout. He passed his matriculation from BSF School Kadamtala as a topper. He finished his higher secondary in science stream from KV Bengdubi to join physics honours course and later opted to do engineering in electronics & comm. Eventually he left everything just for the deep interest in Astrology.
Winners of many awards gold medals and degrees.
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Self-taught, Guruji / Teacher, Institute / Course
Career, Relationships, Education, Marriage, Health, Wealth and Property, Family, Business, Life in General
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₹250/- for any service per 10 minutes.
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Face to Face, Chat, Phone, Email
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sweta gupta's picture
sweta guptaHello! I am jobless for last 1 year. Trying hard but not getting job. Starting my own business. when will I be financially well off? when will i earn good money? will i be successful? 9 aug 1990, delhi, 16:24. I am wearing Pukhraj. I know I have capability to do well in professional life, and I have good qualifications too. Please help me! I have already done poojas like Guru Chandal, Pitridosh but nothing happened. Will I be successful and famous ever?
Sandeep Yati's picture
Sandeep YatiI think you need not to worry much just concentrate on your capabilities , your chart is very good . At present you have period of mercury which is placed well but is in nakshatra of Saturn so you have to work very hard , you will face some hardship in this period and in the period / sub period of Guru , though it's lagnesh also next dasha of ketu is also not so favourable but it will definetly give u a good start . Your financial gain and achievements will be fruitful in 2022 and there after but before that you will be able to build a solid foundation with satisfactory income . Your chart is above average chart will well placed mars in fifth house giving u good mental strength and logical thinking , your Saturn is also good minus it's laziness effects mercury placement is giving you rajyog which will most effective after 2021 so don't worry your future is good and you will earn wealth and fame in your life and lead a succesful life .