Subramania Siva Yogi

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Address: Kerala, India
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<p>I am an Illumined Rajayogi.<br /> 15 years ago I understood clearly that I am not a merely worldly human being but i am a manifestation of infinite eternity. I knew that it was the awakening of KUNDALINI in me. The ANUBHUTHI or divine ecstasy which cant be explained through letters is very much guiding and leading my life journey in this material life. Then onwards I began to hear the Cosmic sound “OMKARA” and continues to hear until now .I am Permanently ILLUMINED WITH HIS DIVINE LIGHT.THE MOST SACRED SRI CHAKRA GOES FROM MY FOREHEAD OR AJNA. THIS IS REALLY THE “GOD VISION”.</p>
<p>I have many disciples in India and abroad.<br /> I am a Spiritual Leader at&nbsp;the website PrayerSpark- Las Vegas-&nbsp;U.S.A</p>
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Swami Swayam Prakshananda.Palghat
Life in General
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Rs.200.00 for 10 minutes
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Face to Face, Chat, Skype, Phone, Email

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