Vijay Goel

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Address: Jaipur, Rajasthan, IN
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<p>Vijay Goel is a practicing Astrology and has been working with Jyotish for the last eighteen years. His knowledge is very deep, he combines the technical knowledge of Jyotish with profound spiritual disciplines of Yoga and meditation. He has developed many own systematic approaches combining various tools in making judgment of Vedic chart.<br /> <br /> He combines various tools of Jaimini and Parashara system which includes divisional charts to evaluate and conclude the event. Jaimini Chara, Parashara Nakshatra dasas &amp; Nadi, Astakvarga, Lal Kitab and&nbsp;Nadi transits are some of the tools he uses very effectively. He uses Kota chakra and Tripataka Chakra for health issues and major obstacle in life.</p>
B.Sc (Maths), MBA, Jyotish Visharad
<p>1.) Official consultant to many groups, like Rajasthan Patrika (Newspaper), Omaxe group, ISKON Jaipur etc<br /> 2.) Taught many student the the Banner PIE- education, the subsidiary of Rajasthan Patrika.<br /> 3.) Given lectures and papers in many seminars.<br /> 4.) Active worker in many NGOs.<br /> 5.) Published many articles related to astrology inn various magazine and journals.</p>
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Career, Relationships, Education, Marriage, Health, Wealth and Property, Family, Business, Life in General, Progeny
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Rs2500/- for each services mentioned above. It can be through email report or through voice consultation for 25 minutes.
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Face to Face, Chat, Skype, Phone, Email

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vedkund.contact_981's picture
Sakshi Khera's picture
Sakshi KheraHi, I am Sakshi. 12 Oct 1991, 6 am, lucknow. I am not able to concentrate during exams. What to do? Any solutions?
Vijay Goel's picture
Vijay Goel(snapshop reading of horoscope) Miss Sakshi, Hare Rama Krsna, Presently, your Rahu antardasha is running up to 19th November 2016. Since Rahu is in 4H and due to other factors in horoscope, this aforesaid period creates illusions in mind as well as disharmony at home. You must shift your study place. You should study in library where disturbance is minimum. Do not face south while study, face to east or north. Study alone. After bath in morning recite Durga Kawach daily so that unforeseen disturbance gets reduced. If you work hard now, then there is possibility to get good success after 12th May 2017. You have strong desire to get name and fame. Best Wishes Vijay Goel Vedic astrologer and Vastukar email: Mob:8003004666 For further inquires contact for paid consultations.
Abby Sharma's picture
Abby SharmaFace to face consultation charges?
Abby Sharma's picture
Abby SharmaThanks. will visit website and contact there
ankusharma's picture
ankusharmafor past 2 years, since i joined job in 2014 sept, I feel disappointed. I dont feel like doing anything. How to remove this feeling? I feel dissatisfied with life. When will my good time come? please tell about my career and marriage. DOB- 17Feb 1989, 15:30 (approx), dehradun. how to take face to face reading?
Sakshi Khera's picture
Sakshi Kherado u sell gemstones? and thank u for help
Vijay Goel's picture
Vijay Goel\\Sakshi Khera Tue, 07/26/2016 - 19:09 do u sell gemstones? and thank u for help\\ For gemstone contact me at
sweta gupta's picture
sweta guptaHello! I am jobless for last 1 year. Trying hard but not getting job. Starting my own business. when will I be financially well off? when will i earn good money? will i be successful? 9 aug 1990, delhi, 16:24. I am wearing Pukhraj. I know I have capability to do well in professional life, and I have good qualifications too. Please help me! I have already done poojas like Guru Chandal, Pitridosh but nothing happened. Will I be successful and famous ever?
santhosh1751_1077's picture
santhosh1751_1077Birth details:- Date: 20-November-1991, Time: 01:59 AM, ( As Per Hospital Records ) Place: Bangalore, Karnataka. Query:- When will I become a Chartered Accountant? Note:-After 3 attempts made in Nov-14, May-15 & Nov-15, I was failed in second level (IPCC) of CA curriculum. Studied hard & prepared well for exams but failed by scoring nearest to the passing marks. Attempted CA IPCC for the 4th time this may 2016 results to be announced on 01-08-2016. Whether in this attempt will I pass the exam and move on to the CA FINAL level.Whether I become a CA or not. If yes, when will I become a CA & settle in my CA profession.
Jaydeep84joshi_1104's picture
Jaydeep84joshi_1104Hello sir my name is jaydeep my date of birth:-06/06/1996 time of birth:-13.53 place of birth:-mumbai and my question is is there any scope for me in higher studies and can I become a billionaire in my life