Vilasnath Ahori

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Address: Chittoor, Andra Pradesh, India
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Astrology, Numerology, Vasstu, Spirituality, Palm Reading, prasanna arudam, Maa devi prasanna, face reading, mind reading, reading eyes to find out past, present and future including past and future birth's, corrections to birth date & time, fixing the astrological and bodily doshas, rectification of all and every astrological and bodily doshas. Self-taught, Guruji / Teacher, heriditory practice, and through dasamaha Vidya upasana dieties, and powers gifted by maa mahakali.
M.E. Mechanical Engineering
I have been expertised in the field of finding and fixing all and every astrological and bodily doshas and in rectification of all and every astrological and bodily doshas.<br /> I can rectify all abichara / black majic /mandriga, tandriga prayoga ill effects<br />. I can rectify all evil / soul haunting effects. I can clear all soul, prethathma avahana and boodha avahana. I can solve problems pertaining to unsatisfactory personal life / unsatisfactory sexual life, childlessness, husband / wife illicit relationship allied issues, sarba dosha, pithru Saba, manglik dosha, navagraha dosha and anything allied with astrology. Am expertised in yoni pooja, and tandric poojas. Am expertised in removing kanya saba, Brahma hathi dosha.
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Sakshi Khera's picture
Sakshi KheraHi, I am Sakshi. 12 Oct 1991, 6 am, lucknow. I am not able to concentrate during exams. What to do? Any solutions?
ankusharma's picture
ankusharmafor past 2 years, since i joined job in 2014 sept, I feel disappointed. I dont feel like doing anything. How to remove this feeling? I feel dissatisfied with life. When will my good time come? please tell about my career and marriage. DOB- 17Feb 1989, 15:30 (approx), dehradun. how to take face to face reading?