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Career Path of child
Career Path of child
Child Full Astrology Report

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There comes a point in our life when we have to make a challenging decision - a decision that may change our life completely. We often turn to our loved ones, peers or mentors during such times. But what if we could get an objective and unbiased overview on what our decision or its alternatives hold?


VedKund is not just an Astrology site, telling you about your future. Our team is made up of Astrologers, Numerologists, Educators, Life Coach, Counsellors and a community (that we are creating with you) to guide you and help you during the toughest periods and decisions of your life.


We cover every aspect of your life astrologically and practically - from the Birth to the Upbringing, to the Education and Development of the child, to the choice of Career and managing Finances; and to understanding compatibity and maintaining your relationships with everyone.

VedKund is with you at every step.

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