Astro-Vaastu consultancy and Pranic Healing by Sh. Ramji Desai

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With 20 years of professional experience in Astrology & Vaastu and 5 years in Pranic Healing & Yoga, Raamji Desai is an astrologer par excellence. Based out of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Ramji Desai is a Retired manager of State Bank of India.

Astrologer Ramji Desai is a well-qualified expert providing services in Astrology, Vaastu, Tarot Card, Pranic Healing and Yoga. His extensive experience and study, is reflected not only in the qualifications that he has earned but also in the quality of the service he provides to his clients.

Some of his Qualifications are:

  • Jyotish Visharad from Bhartiya Jyotish Sansthan (Vaidik Jyotish, Kundali Maths, Numerology, Bhartiya –Vastu, Palmistry)
  • Pyaravastu Certificate
  • Feng-Sue Vaastu from Tirupati Prana Yoga Ashram
  • Arhatic Yoga from Tirupati Prana Yoga Ashram

Ramji Desai is a well-known Astro-Vaastu consultant who studies the influence of stars and planets on the human lives to understand the root-cause of the problems faced by the client and predict the future outcomes. With a vast experience of 20 years, he uses his knowledge & experience of astrology for the benefit of his clients, throwing light through predictions and remedies based on individual’s horoscope.

A Vaastu consultant, he has studied the ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings that helps in making a proper setting or a place to live and work in the most scientific way, taking the advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature. Vaastu unifies the fields of Science, Art, Astronomy and Astrology. It combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. He provides consultancy to corporate offices, factories, individual Bungalows, and flats to take maximum benefits of available energy in a most suitable way with minimum re-arrangement or replacement of things and place.

Having a good knowledge of the art of pranic healing, he uses it for Astrology and Vaastu. He uses this knowledge in finding the chakra problem from the individual’s horoscope, performs the healing and gives suitable remedies for the same to get energized & for activation. He also provides energy in Vaastu of a house/office/factory based on the energy level that he finds through Pranic Healing process. This is his unique quality to provide maximum benefits to the clients.

He has taken ‘Shree Vidya Diksha’ which helps him in the prediction of horoscope through intuition.

His yoga practices are significant, physical and a lot more than just physical. His techniques have spiritual overtones to open up the heart and mind. He specializes in core opening of the spinal decompression through release of the tension, in the layers of muscles wrapped around the spine. His endeavour is to make his numerous students comfortable in the session and provide them with a proper workout. He strives to help them in achieving the sense of completion that comes along with this. He is a firm believer that yoga teaching does not involve only training but also providing the required motivation and push towards the life & goals.

Ramji Desai’s success lies in the number of people that he has helped to recover from backache, arthritis, stress and weight problems. In today’s hectic & stressful life & schedule, he helps his students in overcoming tension and stress by relaxing their muscles and mind to make them happy & healthy. He blends pranic healing with yoga for better results. During pranic healing the healing of all chakra from crown to muladhar is done to ensure good improvement of not only health & but also to help in spiritual growth.


To get solutions to all your problems and answer to all your question, contact Ramji Desai, who strives to give his best.

Service Charges:

  • Astrology Kundali Reading – 
    • You may ask up to 3 question for INR 2100/-
    • For more questions, INR 5000/-
  • Vaastu Remedies –
    • For just visit, Minimum INR 3000/- plus transportation and actual hour or time spent in travelling
  • Tarot Reading - rs 1001/-

For more details, you may contact below:

Mobile Number - 07600096676

Email Address -

Address - 301, Shivam Complex, Behind Samartheshwar Mahadev, Near Law Garden, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380006 Gujarat, India

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