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- About Us -

VedKund is the only marketplace web portal with an objective to promote the fields of Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Palmistry, Spirituality and related fields among the masses and remove the misconceptions around them.
With complete focus on Astrology and related fields, our solutions are customized to reach genuinely interested audience. Other branding solutions are generic in concept, whereas with our domain knowledge of Astrology and related fields, we customize the branding solutions to provide efficient and optimum solutions. Our Products and Digital Marketing Experts have devised specially-designed plans and methods to build your brand and increase your visibility at the lowest cost.
VedKund has got something for everyone - for users looking for Astrology services; for Organizations, institutes and experts, looking for Branding services; and for the ones interested in learning Astrology and related fields. So get started!

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