Cancer Vedic Sun Sign Prediction

Cancer Sun Sign

Your Vedic Sun Sign is different from your Western Sun Sign. Vedic system of Astrology used by Indian astrologers differs considerably from Western system.
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In Vedic Astrology, our Sun Sign defines a person's core personality ie how a person thinks or act in general when not affected by the outside forces.

Cancer Sun Sign people are generous and caring to the fault. But once hurt or broken, they simply turn around and move on, even if it kills inside.

Sun Signs define our core personality and motivation, reflected in our thinking and actions, when we shut out the outside world. Combination of Emotional and Moody nature makes the thoughts, actions and personality of Cancerians appear complicated to the people around them. Highly protective of self and the loved ones, they are the private people. Private in the sense, they do not find it easy to share their innermost feelings with those around them, fearing that they will not be understood or worse, will be rejected. Usually cautious, for them security in every aspect of life is of top priority.

Loving and generous, people born under Cancer Sun Signs nurture everyone around them like a mother. When upset, their first response is to cling with what they have or the people concerned and if no response, they move on. They care a lot about what others think of them, mainly because they care how they are making them feel. Highly Creative and Imagination, their family and friends mean a lot to them.

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Cancer Sun Sign People believe in traditions, even in the smallest of ways like celebrating birthdays, festivals. Their actions and thoughts are directed towards making people around them feel special about themselves. Forget making Cancerians birthday special, and they will become moody and keep sulking. It is due to their high expectations that Cancer Sign Sign people are usually disappointed in romance. Like a crab, they may appear tough outside but are very gentle and sensitive.

The qualities above are for Cancer Sun Sign which denote the core personality, how a person thinks or act in general.

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