Do you know your accurate Vedic Sun Sign?

Vedic Astrology Prediction - Sun Signs

Yes, you may have more than one Sun Signs depending on which Astrology system you follow. Indian or Vedic astrologers follow the Vedic system of Astrology since the ancient times. Using the correct Sun Sign to read your horoscope in newspapers or magazine is aboslutely important!

Years ago, when I had started exploring the world of Astrology, I would check out each and every website that I could find to check my future through astrology predictions.

But I would end up confused everytime. 

Some websites would tell my Sun Sign as Leo, while others, specifically the Vedic Astrology websites would predict my Sun Sign to be Cancer. I did not want to accept it, because I always thought myself to be a proud Leo, the royalty!

I started researching more and talked to a lot of renowned Indian Vedic astrologers near me or online. After researching the books and consulting the experts, I learnt that there are several methods of calculating the Astrological Signs (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Ascendant Sign etc). Two of the most prominent menthods are: Western and Vedic.

Vedic system of Astrology was developed in India and has been prevalent since ancient times. Texts can be found written by remowned ancient sages. Indian astrologers follow this Vedic system of Astrology and now it is becoming popular with other regions as well.

The Western System is based on the Tropical System which considers that particular point in space when sun crosses the Earth's Equator. On the Other hand, the Vedic System considers Sidereal System based on 27 constellations, or Star Groups.

And this difference in the method of calculation creates a huge difference such as difference in scope of predictions. Western System focusses more on the emotional and psychological nature of a person, but is not accurately reliable for predicting future cycles and events. Whereas, Vedic System can do both with more accuracy and depth, thus, widening its scope.


Therefore it becomes absolutely necessary to understand what system of calculation is being used, before reading the astrology predictions on any website or before consulting any astrologer.

Here is a table to help you find out your correct Vedic Sun Sign! Look for the row containing your birthdate. If it is in 2 blocks, then, you are a cusp! Cusp means you may have qualities of both the sun signs to some extent.

Find out your Vedic Sun Sign below and read your Vedic Sun Sign Prediction here for free!


 Sun Sign   Western System   Vedic System 
 Aries  Mar 21 - Apr 19  14 Apr - 15 May
 Taurus  Apr 20 - May 20  15 May - 15 Jun
 Gemini  May 21 - Jun 20  15 Jun - 16 Jul
 Cancer  Jun 21 - Jul 22  16 Jul - 17 Aug
 Leo  Jul 23 - Aug 22  17 Aug - 17 Sep
 Virgo  Aug 23 - Sep 22  17 Sep - 17 Oct
 Libra  Sep 23 - Oct 22  17 Oct - 16 Nov
 Scorpio  Oct 23 - Nov 21  16 Nov - 16 Dec
 Sagittarius  Nov 22 - Dec 21  16 Dec - 14 Jan
 Capricorn  Dec 22 - Jan 19  14 Jan - 13 Feb
 Aquarius  Jan 20 - Feb 18  13 Feb - 14 Mar
 Pisces  Feb 19 - Mar 20  14 Mar - 14 Apr


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