Jupiter Transit 2018 - 19 Vedic Astrology prediction

jupitere transit astrology

This October, your life is going to change – for better or worse!


Jupiter – the largest planet of solar system and one of the most auspicious in Indian Vedic Astrology is going to impact your life this October.

Wondering how? Every 13 months, Jupiter moves from one zodiac sign to another. And with this, its effect in various areas of life also changes. With every transit, a different area of life gets affected.

This year the change is occurring on 11th Oct 2018, when Jupiter will enter the zodiac sign of mystery and power – Scorpio. The mighty planet will stay there will 5th Nov 2019.


What are the characteristics of Jupiter and Scorpio Zodiac Sign?

Each planet and each zodiac sign has a significance and its own meaning. Know more here

Jupiter governs luck, higher education, fortune, religion, knowledge and spiritualism. When it changes its position from Libra zodiac sign to Scorpio, its effect changes. While Libra is a sign of diplomacy, idealism; Scorpio represents power, obsession and desire.

Lord of Scorpio, Mars is a friend of Jupiter and hence the transit will mostly prove to be beneficial.


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Natives born with Moon sign Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces will find this transit most auspicious.  

Natives born with Moon Sign as Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will get average results.

Moon sign born with Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aries may get bad results of this transit. 


Below is the detailed prediction of Jupiter transit in Scorpio Sign from 11th October 2018 for each Moon Sign only. But remember, the true picture can be ascertained after analysing the other planetary position in the chart as well.




Aries Moon Sign

Transition of Jupiter in 8th house may bring a few obstacles and difficulties for you. Take care of your valuables. Your life may undergo some transformation – whether completely or in a particular area of life. But worry not! Jupiter transit for you may open some new doors for opportunities as well. Still, it is best to avoid any investment this year. You can recite the Vishnu Sahasranam.


Taurus Moon Sign

You may get involved in property or partnership related matters this year. Relations with partner, spouse, lover and loved ones may become more cordial. Married life will become blissful and if unmarried, may get marriage proposals esp. from March 2019. Business related problems will get resolved and you can expect good results. You may donate something in a Lakshmi – Vishnu temple.


Gemini Moon Sign

Jupiter is transiting into 6th house. It will be important for you to maintain harmony in all your relationships to avoid any dispute or harmful effects. Avoid any sort of arguments. Ill health can also be seen, so eat cautiously. From Mar 2019, you may observe some relief. Betrayals in friend circle may become possible so keep your eyes open. For better results, you can worship Lord Vishnu


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Cancer Moon Sign

This is a favourable period for you. Promotion and growth in professional life can be expected along with excellent health. Marriage could be on cards for unmarried natives and married ones will enjoy their married life. Planning of kid is also auspicious during this period. But Aug-Oct 2019 may be a bit inauspicious period healthwise and financially, so beware.

To get relief, donate books and pens to students.


Leo Moon Sign

Entering the 4th house, you may be forced to undergo the transformation in your emotions and feelings. This period will help you recover from the past hurtful experiences and disturbances. It is best to have a very warm and cordial attitude towards your spouse or lover, to ensure a loving relationship. You may feel the need of solitude. Don’t disrespect your elders during this period.


Virgo Moon Sign

Moving into 3rd house, Jupiter may provide you with a mixed period. There could be worries regarding the professional environment and work place. It is best to avoid any kind of unnecessary arguments. Arguments with seniors must be avoided at any cost. It is the best idea to expand your knowledge base during this time period.

Touch the feet of your parents before you start the day in the morning.


Libra Moon Sign

Moving into 2nd House, Jupiter will make your friendships stronger and also the relations with younger siblings. This period will mostly be beneficial for you. Domestic bliss is on cards and so are short enjoyable trips. Competitors and enemies will not stand a chance in front of you. But there is a need to take care of your mother’s health. This is also a favourable period for the natives who are looking to get married. Time after March 2019 will prove to be even better. Taking blessings and helping the elderly people will ensure auspicious time to you.


Scorpio Moon Sign

This year, Jupiter will be transiting into your first house. This might not be a very favourable period to you. Issues related to properties may be seen and finances may prove to be worry to you. Suggest you to keep cordial relations with everyone even if the situation is hard. But this is also a period of self-development. You may even change something about you, even if it is a small change. This year will provide a good and favourable base for the upcoming years. Married life may become stressful around April 2019, so take care. Donating to the students in need and meditating will benefit you a lot.


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Sagittarius Moon Sign

Jupiter will be moving to your 12th house. This transit denotes some kind of change or transformation for you. You may change your place of living or working during this transit. You may be forced to look into yourself and do soul searching. Take a trip to refresh yourself and it will do well for you. You may do well when working alone or away from crowd. You may also stay aloof from the relations and loved ones. Worshipping Lord Vishnu will work in favour for you.


Capricorn Moon Sign

Transiting into Eleventh house, this year will prove to be auspicious for you. Your sources of income may improve and even increase. Friend circle will provide you full motivation and support. Your relationship with elder siblings will improve and your network will also expand. It is the best time to mix up with different people. A lucky period, you will be able to complete your duties and responsibilities. Marriage or some auspicious events will also take place around you. But stay careful around Aug 2019. Offering yellow or saffron coloured cloth in Vishnu temple will enhance your favourable results.


Aquarius Moon Sign

This October, Jupiter will be transiting in the 10th house. There will be domestic bliss till Dec of this year. This period might not be favourable for your professional life and career. There could be issues at workplace and you may have to face displeasure of your seniors. There is a possibility of change in job and workplace. Seniors may prove to be demanding and unyielding. If Jupiter is placed positively in your chart, then you may overcome all these obstacles and achieve success. It is advisable to make donations to the Brahmins.


Pisces Moon Sign

This transit will prove to be favourable to you as Jupiter enters your 9th house of fortune. Luck will favour you especially in professional front. Problems faced in past will get reduced and you will enjoy moderate to good health. April- Sept 2019 may prove quite beneficial to you. You may follow your dream life that gives purpose to you. You will gain fame and popularity in life. Your relationship with father will improve for better.



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