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The Holland Codes or the Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC) refers to a theory of careers and vocational choice (based upon personality types) that was initially developed by American psychologist John L. Holland. Send us Facebook Message at or Mail us at


Take this free test to identify in which area your interest lies.  Interests are divided into 6 categories, as theorized by Dr. John L. Holland. These categories are based on the 6 types: Doing, Investigating, Creating, Helping, Persuading and Organizing.


There are 30 statements. For each of the given statements, select whether you would love to do it or not, if given a chance. It does not matter whether you have the skills or training to do that task at present. Also, do not think about how much money you would make doing that activity.


There will be 3 options for each statement. Score for each option is written below in brackets:

  1. I would love to do this! (10)
  2. I am not sure! (5)
  3. I would hate to do this! (0)


Statements are as follows:

Category 1 : Realistic

  1. Building and assembling things
  2. Spending time outdoors
  3. Playing Sports
  4. Fixing things on own
  5. Figuring out how things work

Category 2 : Investigative

  1. Solving Puzzles
  2. Doing experiments
  3. Analyzing problems
  4. Thinking new ways of solving problems
  5. Reading about inventions & Technology

Category 3 : Artistic

  1. Doing everything creatively
  2. Designing greeting cards
  3. Writing a song or poem
  4. Drawing / Singing / Acting / Dancing
  5. Expressing emotions artistically

Category 4 : Social

  1. Helping people
  2. Teaching or Counselling others
  3. Planning social activities
  4. Discussing & thinking about social issues
  5. Working with other people

Category 5 : Enterprising

  1. Leading people
  2. Setting goals and achieving them
  3. Taking up new responsibilities
  4. Persuading and influencing people
  5. Giving speech in front of many people

Category 6 : Conventional

  1. Organizing things around me
  2. Following clear instructions & rules
  3. Working with numbers & charts
  4. Doing calculations with accuracy
  5. Working with data & its analysis

Give a score for each statement as per the options displayed above. Add up all the scores for each category (will be between 0 and 50).


Result after Scoring:

Put the categories in the descending order of scores. Any trait that has score >= 25 will be taken as the result (maximum 3). If more than 3, then top 3 will be considered. In case, no trait is above 25. Then, any trait that has score > 0 (maximum 3) will be taken as the result. If all the 6 traits are equally scored, then all of them will be considered.


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Here is the description of each Personality Type:



You are the Realistic Doer who loves to do anything that requires physical or mechanical strength. You love spending time outdoors or building things with own hands or tools or machines. You are practical and prefer to repair whatever is broken, on your own.



You are the Investigative Thinker who loves to work with the ideas and concepts. You are full of curiosity and approach every problem with a logical mind. You love intellectual challenges. Inventions, discoveries and new ways of solving problems interest you a lot.



You are the Artistic Creator who loves creative outlets of expressions and emotions. Art in one form or the other interests you. Uniqueness and creativity is your forte. Daily mundane activities sound boring to you and you try to do them in a creative way.



You are the Social Helper who loves to interact with people and work for their welfare. Helpful, friendly and cooperative, you love to help, counsel and coach others. Personal growth and society plays an important role in your life. You value people and relationships.



You are the Enterprising Persuader who loves to lead and persuade people. You are ambitious and result-oriented with the traits of a leader. You are confident, ambitious and social. You are interested in attaining a position of power from where you can influence and motivate others.



You are the Conventional Organiser who prefers living in a structured environment and leading an organized life. You love to work with numbers and creating plans. You pay attention to details. You have a high sense of duty and prefer to live by the rules.


Speacial Cases:

If all the 6 traits have equal score and score > 0, 

“Awesome! You are Jack-of-all-trades and have interest in varied fields.”


If all the 6 traits have equal score and score = 0,

“Uh Oh! Looks like you haven’t thought much about what interests you in your life. Maybe you should try again after some days.”


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