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Take this free personality test to understand more about yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses. This is based on the personality types developed by Carl Jung and Myers-Briggs. Know you Career Path through your Personality Type. Send us Facebook Message at or Mail us at

There are 28 statements given below. Select the option that best describes you. For each question give a score according to the following:

  1. Completely Agree ( 2 )
  2. Somewhat Agree ( 0.75 )
  3. Neutral ( 0 )
  4. Somewhat Disagree ( -0.75 )
  5. Completely Disagree ( -2 )

Try to answer honestly, even if you do not like the response. Try to be yourself. To get a reliable and accurate result avoid marking the ‘Neutral’ option.


Statements are as follows:

Category 1

  1. You like to meet new people. (2)
  2. You do not mind being the centre of attention. (3)
  3. In a room full of people, you stay closer to the walls and not center. (1)
  4. You love to talk, whenever you get a chance. (3)
  5. You love to participate in events and competitions. (1)
  6. You love to go out than sitting at home. (3)
  7. You love being a part of group activities than solo activities. (2)

​Category 2

  1. At times, you get so much lost in  thoughts that you forget what is going on around you. (1)
  2. You are curious and love to know new things. (2)
  3. You look for new ways to do things than do them as you are told. (2)
  4. You have a very active and creative imagination. (1)
  5. Your mind is full of new and interesting ideas. (2)
  6. When lost in thoughts, you tend to think more about future than past and present. (3)
  7. You follow what has been tried and tested, than follow a relatively new path. (3)

​Category 3

  1. To you, being Liked by others is more important than being powerful. (3)
  2. You worry a lot about what others think of you. (3)
  3. You get affected by people very easily. (2)
  4. You can understand what others are feeling very easily. (2)
  5. You believe that being kinder is more important than being smarter. (2)
  6. You believe more in cooperation than in competition. (1)
  7. You agree to what others say, even if you have a different view point. (1)

​Category 4

  1. You like to create a time table and follow it. (3)
  2. You keep your room and surroundings very tidy. (2)
  3. You like to plan out everything before starting any work. (3)
  4. You do not like to change your plans once decided. (2)
  5. You rarely misplace any of your belongings. (1)
  6. You like to follow the rules always. (1)
  7. You find it easy to take a decision and stick to it. (2)


In front of each question, weightage of that question is given. Multiply the score and weightage to find the 'Weighted Score' of that statement.

Add up the weighted score of the statements of each category and that is your 'Category Score'.


Now, for each Category, if your Category score is in positive, consider the Positive trait. If your Category score is in negative, then consider the Negative trait.

Now, write down the corresponsing letter for each category.


Positive Trait

Negative Trait

Category 1

Extroverted (E)

Introverted (I)

Category 2

Intuitive (N)

Observant (S)

Category 3

Feeling (F)

Thinking (T)

Category 4

Judging (J)

Prospecting (P)


For Example:  If a  user gets below result in each category:

  1. Category 1 -           -0.25
  2. Category 2 -             0.0
  3. Category 3 -           -2.75
  4. Category 4 -            2.75


So, result will be calculated as follows:

  1. Category 1 -           I
  2. Category 2 -           N
  3. Category 3 -           T
  4. Category 4 -           J

Result - INTJ


Know you Career Path through your Personality Type. Send us Facebook Message at or Mail us at



Here is the description of each Personality Type:



An INTJ personality is an Ambitious Achiever. INTJs are reserved, curious and imaginative. They love to plan and make strategies. They love to question and analyse everything around them. INTJs have a small but very close circle of friends. Adept at hiding their emotions, INTJs think with their head and usually are good at hiding their feelings.

Intellectual and rational, INTJs make every move cautiously. They are focussed on growth and are Jacks-of-all-Trades. Full of confidence, they come across as perfectionists. It is one of the rarest personality type, especially among women.

Some famous INTJ celebrities are Christopher Nolan, Elon Mask, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates and Michelle Obama




An INTP personality is an Innovative Thinker. INTPs are inventive, creative, restless and philosophical. Ever curious, they keep thinking about new ways of doing stuff. INTPs are logical, using their abilities to spot patterns and come up with logical solutions. They live in their heads. They are self-confident and may change their decision if their logic says so.

INTPs believe that rules are meant to be broken. They challenge rules, principles and theories till they are satisfied with the logical explanation behind them. INTPs are private people who believe in having a close circle of friends.

Some famous INTP celebrities are Albert Einstein, Ellen Page, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Marie Curie.




An ENTJ personality is a Determined Commander. ENTJs love being in charge and are not afraid of any challenge. They see challenges as the stepping-stone to success. Logical and rational in their thinking, they love to plan. Even their future is well-thought of and meticulously planned. They are determined and hardly ever give up.

ENTJs are direct and good at judging people and their character. Efficient and determined, they take pride in whatever work they take up. ENTJs are sensitive but think that public display of emotions is a sign of weakness.

Some famous ENTJ celebrities are Napoleon, Steve Jobs, Harrison Ford, Margaret Thatcher and Jim Carrey.




An ENTP personality is a Visionary Debater. Curious and clever, they love to debate about anything and everything under the sky. And oh, they do this only for fun since they love to be mentally stimulated. ENTPs are usually known for their good sense of humour and love for freedom. Looking at the ‘Big Picture’, they love to brainstorm and play the role of Devil’s advocate.

ENTPs are knowledgeable and witty. They find it very difficult to focus and particularly dislike the mundane routine tasks.

Some famous ENTP celebrities are Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Tom Hanks, Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain.




An INFJ personality is an Idealistic Nurturer. They are people-oriented and focussed on helping others solve their problems through innovative methods and ideas. Highly idealistic, they have the drive to work on their plans and achieve their goals. Creative and imaginative, they come up with original solutions and plans.  INFJs are both Dreamers and the Doers.

INFJs appear to be mysterious. They have their own set of personal principles, from which they never waver. They are caring and sensitive with a small but loyal circle of friends.

Some famous INFJ celebrities are Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Carl Jung and Jimmy Carter




An INFP personality is an Idealistic Healer. They always see good in everyone, even in those that are considered to be bad. They are always on the mission of healing the broken and personal growth. They may come across as reserved and shy, but are full of passion and drive. Creative and original, they like to stand apart from the crowd.

INFPs dislike any confrontation. They are lovers and seekers of harmony. INFPs believe strongly in ‘Live and Let others Live’. At times, they may come across as a little impractical and may even take things personally.

Some famous INFP celebrities are William Shakespeare, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts.




An ENFJ personality is a Charismatic Counsellor. These are the people to whom people come when in distressed state of mind. ENFJs are outgoing, passionate, influential and forward looking. ENFJs show genuine interest in others and create connections easily, despite the difference in background, personality, class etc. No wonder majority of well-known leaders belong to this personality type. They are not afraid of

ENFJs are driven to make this world a better place. Highly tolerant, these people are sensitive to what others think of them. Since ENFJs give equal importance to everyone, they find it hard to take sides. They are good at understanding and judging people.

Some famous ENFJ celebrities are Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Ben Affleck, Dr. Phil McGraw and John Cusack




An ENFP personality is an Idealistic Campaigner. Free spirited, they love to connect with different people and help them identify their potential. ENFPs strongly believe that a life without purpose is not worth living. Easily bored, they are always on the lookout for new adventures and stuff to learn. ENFPs need to relieve themselves of the routine mundane tasks from time-to-time to recharge their batteries.

ENFPs are quite popular and friendly. Being sensitive and thoughtful, they may usually overthink leading to misunderstandings. It is very important for ENFPs to take less stress and relax frequently.

Some famous ENFP celebrities are Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore, Will Smith, Phil Donahue and Alicia Silverstone.




An ISTJ personality is a Responsible Organizer. They are reliable, practical, logical and loyal. Systematic and logical in approach, they are guided by facts and not emotions. They prefer to follow a tried and tested path. They dislike inconsistency and unpredictability in any form. ISTJs are cautious and prefer to work alone. Highly dependable, they do not leave any project incomplete and follow it through the end.

ISTJs usually are Jack of all the trades. They are supportive and protective towards their family and loved ones. They tend to learn from the past and make decisions after learning the patterns. ISTJs usually keep their feelings and emotions to themselves which may cause tremendous emotional strain. So, they must learn to relax from time-to-time.

Some famous ISTJ celebrities are George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, Warren Buffett and Sting.




An ISFJ personality is a Nurturing Protector. They believe in giving and are generous to the fault. They have the need to be needed. Because of their loyalty and giving nature, there are times when they feel being taken for granted by the people around them. It is important for ISFJs to learn to say No, because of which they keep loading themselves with more and more work.

Traditional in their outlook, they look at how the things were done in the past while making any kind of decision. ISFJs are usually reluctant to change. They are compassionate and good at remembering even the smallest of the details about the people.

Some famous ISFJ celebrities are Mother Teresa, Vin Diesel, Kate Middleton, Anne Hathaway and Laura Bush.



An ESTJ personality is a Hardworking Supervisor. They love order and complete any given project till the end in a systematic manner. To them, everything that is accepted by the society is right and everything else, wrong. Upholding the values and principles regarded acceptable by the society, is important to them. ESTJs take interest in setting goals and helping everyone around them achieving their respective goals. They love to bring people together by organizing events and activities.

ESTJs find it difficult to relax and are always striving to organize everything around them, even the lives of loved ones. Status and position in the society maters to them. Anything that is way too unconventional makes them uncomfortable.

Some famous ESTJ celebrities are Judge Judy, Colin Powell, John D. Rockefeller, Frank Sinatra and James Monroe.



An ESFJ personality is a Social Provider. They are popular and thrive in social scenarios. ESFJs love to help and entertain people. They believe in work hard and play harder. What others think of them and how they feel matter a lot to individuals with ESFJ personality. They are good listeners and like to help out their friends, family and loved ones in solving their problems.

ESFJs are responsible and have a strong sense of duty. To succeed, they should learn to step out of their comfort zones and embrace innovation. Being sensitive and kind, they are very careful not to hurt anyone, no matter what.

Some famous ESFJ celebrities are Sally Field, Danny Glover, Martha Stewart, Dave Thomas and Sam Walton



An ISTP personality is an Observant Builder. ISTPs love to create anything that is new, especially using their hands and crafting skills.  They love to troubleshoot problems in a very logical manner. Spontaneous and curious, ISTPs find it easy to adapt to any new situation and environment. They love their independence and hardly share anything about their personal lives. For them, personal space is very important.

Optimistic and energetic, they completely launch themselves into any new project or idea. With their logical thinking ability, they know how to set priorities and try to stick to them most of the time.

Some famous ISTP celebrities are Clint Eastwood, Lance Armstrong, Bruce Lee, Tom Cruise and Michael Jordon.



An ISFP personality is an Out-of-the-box Adventurer. Warm, friendly and spontaneous, they love their freedom. They live in the present and are always up-to-date with the latest trends. ISFPs love to explore new ideas and areas of life, even if it means taking risks. Because of their overly competitive nature, their self-esteem keeps fluctuating and they become highly stressed.

ISFPs are queerly curious about everything around them and are open to experimentation. They are always looking at situations, event and even people with different perceptions to gain complete understanding.

Some famous ISFP celebrities are Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Cher, Barbra Streisand and Jimi Hendrix.



An ESTP personality is an Active Doer. They love being the centre of attraction and are full of fun and spontaneity. They act before thinking. For them, ‘right now’ is the best time to do anything. And hence, long term planning is not their cup of tea. They prefer to live in present and get the tangible results at the earliest. ESTPs gel up with people easily but do not have a lasting interest in a single person.

ESTPs are rational and practical. They are not afraid of challenging the rules and traditions. ESTPs bring life into every event or party they go to.

Some famous ESTP celebrities are Eddie Murphy, Madonna, Bruce Willis, Earnest Hemingway and Jack Nicholson.



An ESFP personality is an Entertaining Performer. Spotlight lovers, they live in the present and have strong interpersonal skills. Nothing hurts them more than being ignored and missing out on any fun. Anything new excites them and they are always up for experimentation. ESFPs are always there for the loved ones, offering them support. Highly likable, they thrive in social situations but avoid confrontation of any kind.

ESFPs are born entertainers but lack the interest in planning long term. Mundane routine tasks bore them and they look for ways to get enjoyment. Very sensitive, they care a lot about what others think of them.

Some famous ESFP celebrities are Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Serena Williams, Adele and Jamie Foxx.



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