Learn to create your free website - Wix tutorial

Learn to create your free website - Wix tutorial

So, do you also want to build your own website? Maybe, a social network like Facebook.com or an e-commerce marketplace like Amazon.com, Flipkart.com or something like Wikipedia, where you can read articles.

Having own website can have a lot of benefits such as showcasing your projects, hobbies or even making livelihood by selling products and services.

There is no one way of creating a website. There are many free website builders available online that are easy to use as well. But today we are starting with one of the easiest to use website builder wix.com. This step-by-step tutorial is basically for the beginners - to help them create their own first website and encourage them to explore more on their own.

Before starting, check out in this video how easy it is to create your own first website with wix.com.

I also encourage you to keep asking questions. You have any query at any step? Then, simply write to me - 1. Comment on this page or 2. Send me a mail on vedkund.contact@gmail.com or 3. Chat with me on Facebook - Facebook.com/vedkund






Looks easy, right? So, let's get started!


Step 1: Go to wix.com and create your account

Open a browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or any other that you use), go to  address bar and search 'wix.com'. The website will open with the 2 options - Get Started and Sign In. If you are the first-time user ie you have never visited this website before and used it, then click on 'Get Started'. This will create your new account. If you already have an account, then just 'Sign In'.


vedkund wix website 1.JPG


vedkund wix website 2.JPG



Once you have created your account, the below screen will open up. Click on 'Let's do it' to start the process of creating your own first wix website for free.


vedkund wix website 3.JPG



Step 2: Let's get started with creating your website with wix.com

After clicking on 'Let's Do It' button, you will be asked a few questions. These questions help the system to understand better what type of website you want to build.


Let me take you through the questions and what I selected to use as examples.

I want to create a site for - Select 'Myself - This is awebsite for me or my business' here.

It should be - Select the them of your website. I selected 'A restaurant and Food website'. You can choose any option out of the list or ' Other'.

I've - Select 'Never done this before'.

vedkund wix website 6.JPG



As soon as you complete these steps, you will be taken to the 'Design Templates' or 'Theme Templates' screen.


Step 3: Select a theme or design template for your website

Themes or Design Templates are basically the pre-created or already created designs of your website, so that you can easily create one. Here, you will see that the templates related to the topic that you selected. In our case, it is related to the 'Restaurants and Food'. In case you want to select a different template, related to a different topic, you can easily select another from here. No restrictions indeed!


vedkund wix website 7.JPG


When you hover or move your mouse on a template, you see 4 items on the card. 1. Whether you can use this them for free or have to pay for it. 2. To View the theme, before applying it. 3. To apply this them on your website and start editing it. 4. For more info, you may click on the 'Info' link given at the bottom of card.



Step 4: Go to Wix editor and start editing your website

Click on the Edit button to start editing your website.. Before we start with that, watch this video to know how to use the Wix editor to create and edit your website.








So, this is how your Wix editor looks like. Start exploring on your own and learn how to use it. It is well said that you learn only by trying something on your own. I would help you with a few pointers though.


  1. As you can see in the video, you can simply select a block and drag or drop any item anywhere on it - whether a text or image or even a video. Everything on the wix editor works with a drag and drop!
  2. On the Left hand side, you will see 7 buttons, put one below another:
    • Menus & Pages (to view all the pages displayed in your website - Home, About Us, Contact etc);
    • Background (in case you wish to change the background color or want to add a background image or video to make your website attractive);
    • Add (to add Text, Image, Videos, Button, Shape or anything on your website. This is basically the most useful item here);
    • Add Apps (Apps are basically plugins, you can find additional features that you want to add on your website here. For starters, go for only the free ones!);
    • Media (This is the gallery where all your uploaded images and videos live);
    • Start Blogging (You can add your own blog or the list of articles here. Clicking on this willl add a new page 'Blog' to your website and setup everything for you in a single click); and
    • Bookings (if you want to make money from your website, you would start taking booking or appointment as well, isn't it?)
  3. On the top bar you will see several buttons. You can switch the page you want to edit by clicking on the Page button. You can undo the changes that you have made by cliking on the buttons given on the right hand side. You can save the changes and even Preview your website before publishing it.
  4. Clicking on Publish will launch your website and make it available to everyone. Click on publish and you will get the URL of your website.


Wohoo!!! Congratulations on creating your first website!!!



So easy, Right?

Now start exploring and keep asking questions. You have any query at any step? Then, simply write to me -

1. Comment on this page or

2. Send me a mail on vedkund.contact@gmail.com or

3. Chat with me on Facebook - Facebook.com/vedkund

Good Luck!!!




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