Libra Ascendant Astrology - Love, Relationships, Career, Marriage Prediction

Libra Ascendant Astrology

Ascendant Sign plays an equally important role, if not more, as your Sun Sign. Astrology is a lot more than your Sun Sign.
One of the most important signs in our Birth Chart, our Ascendant, also known as the Rising Sign, determines the position of all the twelve houses in our chart that define our Education, Career, Love Life, Family Life, Wealth , income and all other aspects. It changes every two hours in a day and hence becomes a more accurate descriptor of us and our life.
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Libra Ascendant Love, Marriage and Relationships
Balanced and Diplomatic, Libra Ascendant individuals have their houses of relationships in Sagittarius, Aries and Leo.
Optimistic and cheerful, with a hint of sarcasm and leg-pulling. This is how you, as a Sagittarius Third House individual communicate. You want to have fun even while learning and love to know about everything under the sun. You prefer looking at the big picture than being concerned about the details. You love travelling to expand your knowledge base and opening your mind. You are good at story telling and are well-organized.
Seventh House in Aries makes you want a partner with indomitable will and independent streak. You want a partner who can fight for you and your relationship. You want to be dominated but does not allow your partner to do so. You want fun in relationship and think that arguments are important for a relationship to live.
Eleventh House in Leo imparts in you the leadership quality in social settings and friend circle. But instead of trying to dominate them, you form warm and loyal connection. Your friends are usually of prestigious status and well-off financially. Your friends give you strength and inspire you. You love their company and your life's aim is to gain high status in society.
This was your attitude towards Relationships as defined in your Birth Chart. Now, decode below your attitude towards self, Career and Emotions.

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Libra Ascendant Career, Finances, Workplace and Health
Career for Libra Ascendant individuals is determined by the Second House in Scorpio, Sixth House in Pisces and Tenth House in Cancer. Their Self-worth, money earned, Profession, Workplace, Health, Public Image etc are defined by these houses.
Scorpio as Second House makes you secretive about the financial aspects of your life. You do not want other people to know anything about what you have and what you don't. You prefer to invest money and to see them pay-off in long term. You work very hard to make your money but keep business deals secret. You are quite possessive regarding your financial assets. You might face frequent ups and downs in finances.
Pisces as Sixth House gives you anxiety and worries related to work, mainly because you are over-obsessed with it. You tend to take too much responsibilities and then fret about it. You are at times scared of failure. Your emotions are linked with your work and hence health might be impacted by the work situations. While you have intense passion towards your work, and have ideal dreams, you need to be practical.
Tenth House in Cancer enhances your emotional bonding with your work and career. You wish to be an ideal professional whom people look up to, someone who knows what he/she is doing with the career. You share an emotional and sensitive bond with your coworkers or workplace. You would do well in a career that involves public interaction since you can understand the needs and nerve of the public. Ambitious and creative, you like to help others in their career.
This was your attitude towards Career, Success, Money, Health as defined in your Birth Chart Astrology.

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Libra Ascendant First Impression, Personality, Creativity and Spiritual Side
Charming, Balanced and Sociable is what a Libra Ascendant individual seem to be, when they first meet you. When you have a Libra Ascendant, the signs of your First, Fifth and Ninth House are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini respectively.
First House in Libra gives you a graceful persona. You come across as a balanced, friendly person.Even if you do not meet the model-esque beauty standards, people find your charm irresistible. You love debates and fun arguments for the sake of arguing but dislike violence and aggressiveness. At times, you may seem to be indecisive but that is because you weigh pros and cons, listen to the both parties, before coming to a conclusion. You want to be fair in your judgement and decisions at all times.
With Fifth House in Aquarius, you often have unusual hobbies with which you can experiment and gain a diverse experience. You believe in trying out everything at least once. Your romance starts first with friendship, and then slowly develops into something more. You do not like to get attached though and prefer your own space. You need to teach your children discipline early on, since they may become a bit of rebel. You teach them to be independent and be original in thinking.
Ninth House in Gemini makes you logical and reasonable in terms of religion, philosophy and spirituality. You love holding conversations around these topics, though might not be a strict follower of any particular. You believe in increasing your knowledge base through higher education and need constant mental stimulation. You have thirst for knowledge and thus keep increasing it by reading, holding discussions etc. You love travelling so as to meet new people and get to know new culture.
This was your Identity, First Impression, Personality, Creativity as defined in your Birth Chart.

Libra Ascendant Emotions, Family, Intimacy, Passion
Libra Ascendant individuals have their Houses of Emotions and Intimacy in Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo which are the Earth Signs representing reliability, maturity and dedication.
Capricorn as Fourth House makes you responsible and dedicated towards your family. Though you may not easily show your feelings towards them and appear as a disciplinarian and traditional, you are very protective and concerned about your home and family. You practically and efficiently organize household and family matters. As you grow older, you develop stronger foundation and ties with family members.
With Eighth House in Taurus, you have a flair for investment and savings. You prefer to hold on to whatever you have and hence might not be that great at sharing. You have a good sense of business and joint finances. Financial security could be a factor of importance in any kind of partnership, including marriage. You usually get what you want but take your time to make any decision or to come to any conclusion. Finances could be variable but in the end you manage to end up profitable.
Twelfth House in Virgo gives a critically analyzing approach towards life to you. You may be more judgmental of people than you appear. You prefer to take your own time to speak out about anything. Health issues concern you and you may even come across as a health-freak. When comfortable and alone, you love to think practically and with details. Spending time to study people and their behaviour and responses is what you love to do.
This was your approach towards various areas of life as per your Ascendant Astrology. If you like it, share with your friends, family and network so that they also find out more about you and themselves.

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